Regulated Professional Intermediary Clients

We appreciate that you have selected Associated Trustees Limited. We are proud to confirm that a substantial portion of our business is written through professional intermediaries. To earn the confidence of this market sector, we have set our quality control standards at the highest level. In addition, we respect the professional and confidential relationship that exists between our intermediaries and their clients.

As a regulated professional intermediary you are permitted to hold your clients due diligence on our behalf.  The due diligence should be retained for at least five years after you cease to represent your client and it should be available to be produced upon request.

As a new professional intermediary client of Associated Trustees, there will be validation requirements. Please be prepared to provide:

  • Professional Engagement Letter (this will be provided to you)
  • Photo ID, duly notarised
  • Bank letter from a recognised bank or financial institution
  • Professional reference letter signed by a lawyer or accountant with whom you have been affiliated for at least two years
  • Documentary evidence that you, or your company, are duly licensed and regulated in accordance with the requirements of the FATF

Please contact us for a current fee schedule or if you have questions or would like additional information.