Why Choose ATL?

If you are looking for:

  • An organisation that protects client confidentiality and is bound by the Saint Christopher and Nevis Confidential Relationships Act
  • An organisation that through its many international partners is able to meet the various needs of its clients in one stop
  • A regulated organisation that has many years experience working with professional intermediaries as well as individual clients
  • An organisation that can offer full management support services
  • Assistance from people that are knowledgeable of the legislations of the various jurisdictions in which they operate
  • An organisation that places top importance on the creation, maintenance and accuracy of every client file
  • An organisation that has earned a reputation amongst its peers of honesty and integrity
  • An opportunity to communicate using a 128-bit SSL private encryption email service, which is maintained by the service provider’s in-house IT specialist
  • An organisation that continues to search for innovative ways to apply advancements, whether it be in new legislation or technological developments

We believe you will find what you are searching for in Associated Trustees Limited.

ATL has built an international client network based on one goal: To serve our clients effectively and efficiently, working with one client at a time, each receiving the personal attention that they deserve.

If you choose Associated Trustees, we will earn your trust and your confidence. We are committed to the high level of service that you will come to expect.

New clients are invited to visit Welcome to New Clients or contact us on how to become a client.